Will being more organized help to calm your life?

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Will being more organized help to



I am not the most organized person.  (please donʻt judge!  haha) I was raised in a family of 5 children of which I am the firstborn.  And I had a family of 5 children.  My motherʻs mother died when she was 6, and she was raised by her father and had 2 older brothers.  The chance of me learning to be organized was minimal.  When I started my family, after my marriage, I tried to be more organized, in my head!  But your head is something that gets filled every day with things that must be done every day.  So I learned that I must get things out of my head and down on paper!  So even in the late ʻ70ʻs, you could obtain calendar booklets or notebooks to keep you on track.  There was only 1 of them that I really liked, and used quite regularly.  But when I used the calendar, writing down my day, the meals I planned to prepare for the week, it helped me tremendously to keep track and calm my life down!  And when you have 5 babies in 8 years, you need some calm!  hahaha, There is something to be said about putting in writing our daily lives.  And I believe it to be not only helpful to do so, but it is also therapeutic.  There is a calm that comes from knowing what needs to be done and doing those things.  And if it doesnʻt get done, there is a place to write it down and make changes, so that you know eventually it will get done.  Then when someone asks you what you are doing that day, say your husband on his way to work, you can tell him so he knows what you are planning for the day.  So there is calm......

I had ʻTO DO--------------TA-DAH! LISTS.ʻ  I tried to celebrate the little things, like feeding 4 children and nursing another, I would checkmark the list. Preparing supper and feeding my family homecooked meals that I had planned for, purchased for and prepared for my family.  There is calm......

When you feel like you are losing control, and you donʻt know what to do next, you have a list you can refer to, helping to get you back on track.  So there is calm.......

So does Being more organized help to Calm Your Life?

What do you think?

Share some of the ways you are organized.



  • This is very good, so keep writing about the streams and rivers that run through your life, the sunrises and the sunsets.

    Anthony Hinrichs on

  • Aloha no kākou! He Hawaii au hauʻoli lā hānau!

    Lei on

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