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Aloha Kakou

     ‘Talk Story’ is a blog about sharing Aloha, sharing stories.  Hawaiians say, "talk story" is to visit, have coffee ☕️, or iced 🍶, enjoy time with people, and "talk story."

When we started this blog, and have it connected to MikalaLei Hawaiian Styling, it only makes sense to title the blog, 'Talk Story' Hawaiian style!

Everything has a beginning and an end.  We are hoping and praying that through this ‘TALK STORY’ blog we may begin sharing Aloha with all of you and that you may begin to know MikalaLei Hawaiian Styling, and more importantly, we will begin to know you. 

Leialoha was born in Honolulu, Hawaii before statehood.  Lei’s father was from Ohio stationed in the army at Honolulu.  Her father met her mother, Kealohaaina, while there and they married after 1 month of meeting.  Now for some, that’s not much time, but for others, it’s too much time.  It all depends on your perspective though, right?  Leialoha’s brother was born there also, and when daddy was finished in the army, he relocated us to Ohio. And also our family grew by 3 more siblings. All of us have Hawaiian middle names, Leialoha, Kalani, Ioane, Lokelani, and Kaheana.  Our mother was born and raised in Hawaii.  So when they moved to Ohio, it was quite a cultural shock, since Kealohaaina had never been off of the islands. 

We just arrived home from Hawaii, The big island, and we have so many more pictures to share with you!

So, what we would love from you, our Ohana, family, is some simple answers to a few simple questions.  If you will.

1.  Have you ever been to Hawaii?

2.  Were you with a tour group, church, civic club, business trip, etc?

3.  Which island(s) did you visit?

4.  Who traveled with you?

5.  Could you live there?

6.  Did you like being there?

7.  What would you love to know about Hawaii and especially if you are preparing to visit?

Now believe it or not I have talked to people who hated it in Hawaii!  That's fine, to each their own.  Interesting enough though is some hated it there for the same reasons most people visit.  The weather!!  Some complained it was too hot.

But that really depends on what time of year you travel there.  Hawaii only has about 2 seasons, hot and dry, and not hot and wet!  We most often go in the Spring.  When it's chilly and cold here in Indiana.  Hoping to return to warmer Spring doesn't always work, just yesterday we had snow and cold winds, on March 17, 2019!  

So what's new today, you may ask??  Our Shopify store is open!  After many hard days of set up, delays, etc, we are finally open!


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Akaka Falls, 2019


A Hawaiian Proverb Printable 

A Hui Ho!  Malama Pono!

(Until we meet again, Take Care)