Our Story

Iʻm a retired ʻdomestic engineer.ʻ haha I have raised 5 children, a single mother at one point of that raising.  All grown now and I am blessed with 6 very lovely grandbabies!  

When I was a single mother I needed a job that would pay VERY WELL if I worked hard enough.  I worked at fast food restaurants to begin.  OK, time out here.  I was a SAHM for 10 years.  Then I was forced to go to work because my husband at the time was gravely ill, kidney failure.  It was a very challenging time for our family. 

So I worked fast food for 2 years, managing 2 shops that closed at 2 AM!  I missed my children, the 3 older children were in school,and my little ones, 2 girls who were not in school had to go to Daycare.  I was distraught to say the very least, and many tears were shed.  But somewhere in my ʻmommy heart,ʻ I knew that I would find a very good job/career.  And my husband at the time was very sick and could not work.  

There were so many friends questioned my decision to go to work, and even tried to encourage me to GO BACK ON WELFARE!  I was ashamed being on welfare, and my goal was to get off asap!  It took me 12 months, but we made it.  Skip ahead..... my children are grown and I am alone after a very sad divorce.  I meet a man I thought would be a true partner with me in marriage.  WRONG!!  He was abusive, was in jail twice for domestic abuse in Indiana, and once in Puerto Rico, for the same talent.  But I lost my mind I guess.  I believed that Love could change anyone.  But again I was wrong.  For the longest time I didʻt believe in love, everyday just trying to get through it without bruises.  Well, 10 years later, the Lord Jesus delivered me.  That is another story for later.

So my daughter Mikala, is a single mother of 3.  2 teenagers now and one just turned 10.  The job market today, even if you want to work full time, and you try to find full time work, the income is less than you need to provide for 4 people.

Mikala had been looking online for earning extra money doing surveys.  Looked several places online too.  But it didnʻt pan out to be much more than pennies.  Mikala did some online selling through ebay, and liked the work, but if you donʻt have anything to sell, the well dries up, all the while she is working as a factory worker.  So she has landed a job at a Dental Office as a receptionist.  A really enjoyable job for her, but again, she needs to supplement her income to be able to make ends meet.

I was subscribed to, Sarahʻs blog for well over 5 years.  Sarah was doing well at blogging, and I was tempted to start a blog, but I thought who wants to hear what you have to say?  And WHAT would I talk about?

But Sarah had ventured out a started a Shopify Store, and I jumped at the chance!  Our store has been open since March 17-thatʻs right, St Pattyʻs Day.

There are so many exciting things we want to share with you.  And we will try not to give it to you all in one Epistle!  This page is too long now.

So I will stop for now.  But there is more to share.  We hope you love to get free stuff because we love to give away!  We would give away the store if we thought it would help someone in their journey!